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BlohNet max for cats

BlohNet max drops for cats are designed for therapeutic and preventive treatment of cats of all breeds against fleas, ixodid ticks and sarcoptoid mites, lice, and chewing lice. BlohNet max is effective against external parasites at all stages of their development.

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It is recommended against entomosis, otodectosis, ixodid ticks and chewing lice, as well as a repellent against blood-sucking mosquitoes, flies, and horseflies.


Fipronil, benzyl benzoate, diethyltoluamide, juvemon.

Dosage form

Neck drops.


1 ml in a vial, 1 vial in a box, 1 show box – 5 vials.

Storage conditions, shelf life

Store in a dry place, protected from light and direct sunlight, separate from food and feed, in places out of children’s and animal’s reach at a temperature from 0 to +25 °C.

The shelf life: 2 years.

Convenience in use

Unlike other products, BlohNet max neck drops are available in vials, not in pipettes. The vial can be opened and closed several times, which makes it possible to store it after the opening through the entire declared shelf life.


Contraindication for use includes increased individual sensitivity of the animal to the drug components (including the history of such sensitivity). It is prohibited to use BlohNet max in animals with infectious diseases and weakened animals, as well as in kittens younger than 12 weeks of age. Auricular use of the drug (in the treatment of ear scabies) is not allowed in case of the eardrum perforation.

Treatment of pregnant and nursing cats, if necessary, is carried out after the consultation with a veterinarian.

Pharmacological properties

The mechanism of action of fipronil, which is included in the drug, is to block the GABA-dependent receptors of arthropods, disrupt the transmission of nerve impulses, which results in paralysis and death of ectoparasites. Benzyl benzoate, by penetrating through the chitin cover and accumulating in the body of ticks, has an acaricidal effect on the larvae and imago of parasites. Juvemon is an analog of natural juvenile hormones and causes abnormalities in the development of insects at the egg and larval stages, preventing the development of sexually mature insects on the animals and in places where they are kept. Diethyltoluamide has repellent properties, protecting the animals from attacks of blood-sucking dipterous insects.

Usage and dosage

BlohNet max is used once as a topical (spot-on) application on the dry undamaged skin in places inaccessible for animals to lick – in the neck area at the base of the skull in the following doses:

  • Up to 5 kg (inclusively) – 15 drops (1/2 of the vial)
  • Over 5 kg – 1 vial (30 drops)
  • For treatment of otodectosis about 4-6 drops of the drug are instilled into each ear. The treatment is carried out twice with an interval of 5-7 days. In order to carefully distribute the drops, fold the auricle in half and gently massage. Repeat the treatment in 5-7 days.

It is not recommended to bathe the animal within 48 hours after treatment. After this period, bathing the animal (without shampoo) does not reduce the protective effect of drops.

If a tick is detected on the cat's body, it must be destroyed. In order to do this, the drug in the amount of 1 drop is applied on the tick in the place of its attachment to the skin. If the tick does not spontaneously fall off within 20 minutes, it is carefully pulled out of the skin with tweezers and destroyed.

The death of fleas, lice, and chewing lice is observed within a day after the animal treatment; protective effect of the drug after a single treatment of the animal against fleas is maintained for up to 2 months, against ixodid ticks and sarcoptoid mites, lice and chewing lice – for up to 1 month, against blood-sucking mosquitoes – for up to 7 days.

Repeated treatments of the animals are carried out according to the indications, but not more than once a month.

In order to prevent repeated infestation by fleas, the bedding of the animals is replaced or it is treated with BlohNet spray in accordance with the instructions for its use.

High quality and safety

BlohNet max effectively acts against external parasites at all stages of their development (eggs, larvae, adult insects). The drug destroys fleas, lice, chewing lice, larvae and imagines of ixodid ticks and sarcoptoid mites, and also possesses a repellent effect against blood-sucking mosquitoes.

BlohNet max has a long duration of protective action against fleas up to 2 months, and 1 month against ixodid ticks, lice, and chewing lice.

The results of the tests showed that the active substances of BlohNet max are non-toxic and do not cause allergic reactions in animals.

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