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Gestrenol tablets for male cats

Gestrenol is a bihormonal contraceptive drug designed specifically for male cats. It is intended to regulate sexual activity in animals.

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The drug is used in male cats to suppress sexual arousal and associated antisocial, aggressive behavior, and scent-marking of the territory.


1 tablet contains:

  • Mepregenol propionate – 0.4 mg;
  • Ethinylestradiol – 0.02 mg;
  • The drug contains following excipients: lactose, anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide.

Dosage form



Strip – 10 tablets, show box – 30 strips, pallet – 12 show boxes.

Storage conditions, shelf life

Store in a dry place, protected from light and sunlight, at a temperature from-10 to +25 °C.

The shelf life of the medicinal product under storage conditions constitutes 2 years after the manufacturing date.


The drug is contraindicated in male cats who have not reached puberty, with neoplasms of the mammary gland, genitals, with diabetes mellitus, urolithiasis, diabetes mellitus and individual intolerability of the drug components.

Pharmacological properties

The hormones constituting the drug: gestagen – mepregenol propionate, and estrogen – ethinylestradiol affect the hypothalamic-pituitary system of the animals, and thus reduce the secretion of gonadotropin hormones (FSH and LH) from the pituitary gland, responsible for spermatogenesis in males.

Mepregenol propionate and ethinylestradiol are rapidly absorbed in the intestine and via biotransformation in the liver are completely excreted from the body with the urine as metabolites within 48 hours.

Usage and dosage

The drug is given orally with feed or it is forcibly put on the root of the tongue at the onset of sexual hunting at a dose of 1-2 tablets for 3-5 days (until complete termination of sexual hunting).

Young cats are prescribed the drug in a dose of 2 tablets at once on the first day. In case of rapid calming of the animal (2-3 days), in order to consolidate the effect, continue the drug administration for another day.

In order to maintain the calming effect, male cats are prescribed the drug monthly at a dose of 1 tablet per week. It is recommended to use the drug in animals that are at rest, or in a week after the suppression of sexual hunting.

Complete restoration of the reproductive function of the male cat's body occurs within 2-3 months after the drug discontinuation.

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