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Prazitel suspension for puppies and small breed dogs

The combination of praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate constituting the drug guarantees a wide range of its anthelmintic action on the reproductive phases of development of round- and tapeworms that parasitize in puppies and small breed dogs.

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Prevention and treatment of nematodiasis and cestodiasis in dogs and puppies.


1 ml of the drug contains:

  • Praziquantel – 3 mg;
  • Pyrantel pamoate – 30 mg;

Dosage form

Suspension for oral administration.


Vial – 20 ml, show box – 10 vials, pallet – 30 vials.

Storage conditions, shelf life

Store in a dry place, protected from light and sunlight, at a temperature from 0 to +25 °C.

The shelf life of the medicinal product under storage conditions in the closed manufacturer’s packaging constitutes 2 years after the manufacturing date.


The drug is not recommended for animals that are emaciated and sick with infectious diseases.

Do not use the drug simultaneously with anthelmintic agents containing piperazine.

Pharmacological properties

The mechanism of action of the active substances constituting the drug is based on the inhibition of fumarate reductase, persistent depolarization of helminth muscle cells, impairment of energy metabolism, which cause paralysis and death of the parasite and contributes to its elimination from the gastrointestinal tract.

When administered orally, praziquantel is rapidly absorbed in the intestines and distributed into the organs and tissues; it is excreted mainly with urine in a metabolized form; pyrantel pamoate is partially absorbed in the intestines and is excreted mainly with feces within 24-48 hours.

Usage and dosage

The drug is used in puppies and small breed dogs for prevention and therapeutic deworming of nematodiasis, cestodiasis and mixed invasions at a dose of 1 ml per 1 kg of the animal’s body weight once for prevention and twice for treatment. The drug is recommended for puppies 2 weeks of age and older, as well as 10 days prior the vaccination. In pregnant female cats it is recommended at the second half of the pregnancy under the supervision of the veterinarian. In nursing female cats it is given 3 weeks after the delivery under the supervision of the veterinarian.

In case of severe invasion (contamination) the treatment should be repeated in 10 days. Preventive deworming should be performed once in 3 months.

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