Wholesale of pet supplies

Express Uspokoin

Drugs trademark of the Express Uspokoin are profitable to sell

High profit

Express Uspokoin is positioned in the high price segment. And its price is beneficial in terms of sales. It is important to consider: 100% of animal owners become regular customers after the first use of the drug. Therefore, large sales volumes are guaranteed.

Promotion cost savings

The manufacturer of Express Uspokoin conducts complex promotion of the brand throughout Russia among all target audiences. NVP "Astrafarm" regularly conducts lectures and presentations for sellers, promotions, places POS materials at points of sale and conducts large-scale promotion events on the Internet. You just have to ensure the constant availability of the drug in the assortment and enjoy the sales.

High demand

An owner of a cat or a dog can no longer see their life without Express Uspokoin. The owners are satisfied with the result, they go shopping again and again. Your sales do not depend on the season! The drug is recommended for use by veterinarians, masters of grooming salons and breeders. In any stressful situation! Express Uspokoin sells quickly and is in stunningly high demand from end customers.

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